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Your own private swim club in Portland, OR

Get monthly passes to private pools in Portland, OR with Swimply!
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Portland, OR
About Swimply
Dive into fun with Swimply! Discover amazing pools, tennis courts, and more private hourly escapes, right in your neighborhood. Whether you're teaching your kid to swim, getting in a workout, or just lounging by the pool, there’s a place for you on Swimply.
About swimply
Book your own private swim club with Passes
Swimply Passes grant you unlimited access to your favorite pool, just like a gym membership or country club - but private! You pay monthly in exchange for FREE bookings (within certain restrictions).
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Frequently asked questions

What is a pass good for?
Passes are great for anyone who wants to book a listing more than once! If you’re someone who likes to swim morning laps before work, a coach looking for a court to teach lessons at, a couple who want to lounge by the pool with their friends every Tuesday/ Thursday, or someone just in need of a place to tan a few days a week, there’s a pass for you. Passes make visiting a listing more than once easier AND cheaper.
How do I find and purchase Passes?
Click here to browse pools in your area that offer passes or select the “Passes” indicator while searching for a pool on Swimply. Once you find a pool you like, simply tap “Purchase Pass” from the “Passes” section. From there, all transactions are handled directly through Swimply’s secure payment system. We accept credit cards and debit cards, including Apple Pay and Google Pay.
How do I use my pass once I've purchased it?
With your Swimply Pass, you can enjoy up to one booking per day, within the number of hours specified on that Pass. Having a Pass does not guarantee availability - time slots are first come, first serve. Please contact your host if you are experiencing issues finding availability.
What are the limitations of a pass?
If you make a booking that exceeds the time limit of your pass, you will be charged for the additional hours at time of booking. If you wish to add amenities that are not included with a pass, you will be charged any incremental costs at the time of booking. If you exceed the number of guests allowed, you will need to pay for the booking in full.
What if I experience an issue and need to modify or cancel my pass?
If you have a pass, but have not completed any bookings, you will be able to cancel the pass and receive a full refund. If you have made a booking with your pass, you will not be able to cancel. You may contact your Host to see if they're willing to make an agreement for partial refund via the Swimply inbox.
How much does a pool pass cost in Portland, OR?
Monthly passes start at $60 in Portland, OR, but the price will vary based on pass details and type.