Casamigo Nights Relaxing Spa Oasis

Sacramento, California
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15 guests allowed

All ages welcome • Pets welcome (not in pool)

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Private restroom available inside main home


Available for up to 5 cars

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Exact location after booking.

Sacramento, CaliforniaUS

About the pool

Enjoy our Spa Oasis this summer with your loved ones the environment is dimly lit with multicolor changing lights that compliment the vibe, including luxurious six-person boasting jacuzzi with over 40 powerful jets that offer an invigorating hydrotherapy immersive experience night or day, Enhanced with vibrant LED lights, the jacuzzi transforms into a mesmerizing focal point at night, setting the perfect ambiance for relaxation.
The built-in Bluetooth speakers allow you to immerse yourself in your favorite tunes while soaking in the warm, bubbling water. Surrounding the jacuzzi, stylish outdoor lighting casts a warm glow, making the entire space inviting and serene.
Adjacent to the jacuzzi is a BBQ grill, ideal for preparing delicious meals and hosting gatherings. For added fun, a cornhole game is set up, providing entertainment for guests of all ages. This backyard combines luxury, functionality, and entertainment, creating the ultimate retreat for unwinding and enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Step into my ultimate garage retreat, where fun and relaxation are always on the agenda. Dominating one wall is a sleek TV, perfect for catching the big game or streaming your favorite shows. In the center of the space, an 8-foot pool table invites friendly competition and skilled shots, offering endless hours of entertainment.
For larger-than-life fun, we have jumbo beer pong and jumbo Jenga, adding a playful twist to classic games. The garage's layout ensures there's plenty of space to move around and enjoy each activity, creating an inviting atmosphere for gatherings and game nights. Whether you're aiming for a perfect break on the pool table or soaking in the jacuzzi, this oasis is the perfect blend of excitement and leisure.
Great sunlight
Night lighting
Hot tub

This space is great for...

Friend hangouts

Family gatherings



Photo shoots

What makes it special






Our hot tub reaches a maximum of 104 degrees and can be adjusted to a cooler setting at guest’s request!

Hot Tub On



We can offer 4 towels per visit!

Jumbo Jenga

This jumbo Jenga game takes the classic block-stacking fun to new heights, perfect for outdoor gatherings and parties. Featuring oversized wooden blocks, the game can reach over 4 feet as players take turns carefully removing and stacking pieces!

Jumbo Beer Pong

This jumbo beer pong game brings an oversized twist to the classic party game, perfect for outdoor gatherings and events. Featuring giant red cups and large, lightweight balls, this set ensures easy setup and hours of fun. This jumbo beer pong game guarantees an exciting and memorable experience!

5.08 reviews


5Friend hangout

Wonderful experience!! We will definitely we coming back to this place 😊

8 days ago


5Friend hangout

Such an excellent host. Showed us how to operate the hot tub/blue tooth and brought us out some cold water which was so nice and t…

12 days ago


5Friend hangout

Our experience at Kat 's hot tub was fantastic! The hot tub itself was clean and well-maintained, and the host was very hospitable…

26 days ago


5Friend hangout

The atmosphere was awesome. Lots of games and activities included. The grill was the best provided amenity. And the jacuzzi to top…

29 days ago



AMAZING !!! We will be back !!!

1 month ago


5Friend hangout

This place was great Dom & Kat were awesome hosts! Awesome Jacuzzi! garage was sooooo cool with the pool table & lights! I’m defin…

1 month ago


5Family hangout

Overall, this jacuzzi has exceeded all my expectations. It’s a perfect blend of luxury and convenience, offering an amazing experi…

1 month ago


5Party / celebration

I recently enjoyed an unforgettable jacuzzi spa day that deserves every bit of a 5-star rating! From the moment I arrived, the amb…

1 month ago

Hosted by Kat

Hosting since Aug 2021

Verified Host

8 reviews

Hello my name is Katherine, i am from the vibrant city of Sacramento, I have always had a deep-rooted love for California, I devel…

Things to know

House rules

No Smoking.

Follow these rules to be a considerate guest and avoid any issues during your visit.

Safety & Security

Security cameras

Security camera/recording device in sight of the pool.

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