The Oaks Oasis

Oak Grove, Missouri
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Full Sized Pool hosted by

26 guests allowed

All ages welcome • No pets

Restroom available

Private restroom available inside main home


Available for up to 7 cars

Cancel anytime!

Get a full refund if you cancel 2 hours before your booking.

Where you'll swim

Exact location after booking.

Oak Grove, MissouriUS

This space is great for...


Friend hangouts

Family gatherings

Photo shoots


What makes it special


Must bring your own charcoal & lighter.

Fire Pit

Firewood only must bring your own.


Please keep rap music down, anything else is fine


Hosted by Austin & Jacquelynn

Hosting since May 2024

Verified Host

My name is Austin, and I am 30 years old managing a landscaping business. I enjoy spending time with my wife and my three kids. My…

Things to know

Space privacy

Somewhat private

Neighbors’ view is obstructed but space is still visible to household

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