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Brooklyn, New York
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1,000 ft²
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85 guests allowed

All ages welcome • No pets


1 restroom available


Available for up to 2 cars

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Brooklyn, New YorkUS

About the home

Looking to rent our basement floor between the hours of 9am-5pm for massage therapists, yoga instructors, photographers, and more who need somewhere to meet clients or hold a class during the day. Enjoy a homie and intimate vibe and create your own energy within the space. The open spacious basement has a more moody, intimate feel, wood floors, and room to dance or chill. ACCESSIBILITY Making spaces accessible to all bodies and abilities is an act of love and justice. We strive to make NWS as intimately accessible as possible by practicing this awareness daily and by openly inviting our community members to join us in this practice. * The basement is not wheelchair accessible and is accessible via stairway (13 steps). There is railing on both sides leading to the basement level * Elevator access in the building is only accessible for loading equipment, not suitable for wheelchair accessibility * Gender neutral single person restrooms are located on both floors. Both restrooms do not have access railings. Both restrooms have space for walkers and wheelchairs. * NWS is not a fragrance/scent-free zone, however we encourage every organizer to be mindful of chemical reactions and ask all attendees to not wear fragrances or produce any scents on site such as incense, essential oils, scented candles. * NWS has seating for up to 50 individuals. 40 of the 50 seats are stools with no back. 10 seats are available with backs in addition to three lounge seats with backs. * Emergency Exits are located behind the stairway on the basement floor and two exits at the front and back off the ground floor space. * Please note that the back exit to the patio has a 5 inch step and does not have a ramp for wheelchair accessibility.
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1 adult

Hosted by Michelle

Hosting since Apr 2024

Things to know

House rules

No Smoking.

Follow these rules to be a considerate guest and avoid any issues during your visit.

Additional rules

There are not many rules for this space but we would prefer that guests do not have late night parties, and no cooking.

Space privacy

Somewhat private

Neighbors’ view is obstructed but space is still visible to household

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1 adult