Murrieta Cooldown 😎

Murrieta, California
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Your host Sam & Carlina will be home

19 guests allowed

All ages welcome • Pets welcome

Restroom available

Available for up to 1 car

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Exact location after booking.

Murrieta, CaliforniaUS

What makes it special



Available upon request 



Available upon request 

Hot Tub On

Pool Toys



Available upon request, max 6 towels.

Basketball hoop

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5.03 reviews


5Family hangout

Thank you sooo much.

23 days ago


5Family hangout

Absolutely amazing hosts with beautiful and tranquil pool! Sam and Carlina were very welcoming and made sure we were comfortable t…

24 days ago


Repeat Guest

10/10 recommend. This pool is especially great if you have little ones. My daughter and I had a blast here. Thanks so much to the …

2 months ago

Hosted by Sam & Carlina

Hosting since Aug 2022

3 reviews

Hi, we are Sam & Carlina. a loving couple and dedicated parents! We are thrilled to share our tranquil pool retreat with guests & …

Things to know

Space privacy

Somewhat private

Neighbors’ view is obstructed but space is still visible to household

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