The Flintstone Home

Los Angeles, California
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1,000 ft²
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25 guests allowed

All ages welcome • No pets


1 restroom available


Available for up to 2 cars

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Los Angeles, CaliforniaUS

About the home

This beautiful 950 Sq. ft space is located in the heart of DTLA. Through big diffused windows, this home receives beautiful natural sunlight throughout the day. It is located on the 3rd floor with beautiful concrete floors. The curtains are medium sheer and help diffuse the light that comes in. This location works great for interviews, photoshoots, and production! The amount of soft natural light that this place receives is dreamy and can be well utilized. It's a beautiful place for a commercial shoot, fashion shoot, TV show, or film! We open 24/7 everyday. Feel free to contact us for more details. Perfect space for your next: TV Series Shoot, Dance Shoot, Documentary Shoot, Filming, Film Shoot, Film Studio, Production, Fitness Video, Green Screen, Filmed Interview, Kickstarter Video, Music Video, Promotional Video, Recording Studio, Video Shoot, Video Studio, Web Series Shoot, Workout Video, Apparel Shoot, Clothing Shoot, Commercial Photoshoot, Fashion Shoot, Head Shot, Photo Shoot, Photo Studio, Portrait Photoshoot, Product Shoot, Promotional Photoshoot and many more. Please send your inquiry!
Living room
Dining area

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1 adult

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4.73 reviews



Very nice place, clean, and have a lot of sunlight. Great for party and taking pictures.

1 month ago



Great experience! Everything was exactly what I thought it would be . Excellent host !! Easy n very convenient for your experience…

2 months ago



The place is beautiful.

2 months ago

Hosted by Fay

Hosting since Feb 2024

Verified Host

3 reviews

Things to know

House rules

No Smoking.

Follow these rules to be a considerate guest and avoid any issues during your visit.

Additional rules

Please take the time to read over the description and rules of the space before sending your inquiry. I am happy to answer any ...

Space privacy

Very private

Space cannot be seen from neighbors or household

Safety & Security

Security cameras

Security camera/recording device in sight of the home.

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1 adult