beTRUE Studio 1 + Private Parking Lot

Los Angeles, California
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1,000 ft²
ADA Friendly
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25 guests allowed

All ages welcome • Pets welcome


2 restrooms available


Available for up to 6 cars

Free cancellation!

Get a full refund if you cancel 1 day before your booking.

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Los Angeles, CaliforniaUS

About the home

The studio includes the following amenities:
Cyc Wall (17ft deep x 17ft wide x 12ft tall) Customized Studio Lighting (GVM 800D-RGB LED Studio 3-Video Light Kit & Weeylite RGB ring light) 2 C-Stands 4 Sandbags Extension Cords Gaffer’s Tape (based on availability) Additional studio equipment available for rent on request iPad for in-house lighting control and music Bluetooth Music (Spotify) Hair/Make-Up Station Clothing Rack(s) Two booths with Monitors Steamer(s) Artificial plants, multiple styles of chairs/stools and random decor available Wifi Air Conditioning Portable heaters Portable fans Kitchen Two bathrooms Complimentary Nespresso Coffee Complimentary water bottles PRIVATE PARKING LOT FULLY ENCLOSED FOR VIP CLIENTS / SAFETY
** Two additional studios available for rent in the same space along with a buyout option of the entire building for larger shoots / events. See more content on our IG: @betrue.losangeles
Night lighting

This space is great for...

Photo shoots

Video shoots


Corporate events



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1 adult

What makes it special



Alexa speaker connected to our Spotify on the mounted iPad in the studio! We also have additional bluetooth speakers if needed.

Coffee & Water

Our kitchen is stocked with water bottles, sodas and Nespresso coffee!

Hosted by beTRUE

Hosting since Feb 2024

Verified Host

Happy to be apart of the Swimply Community

Things to know

House rules

Additional rules

General Rules • No smoking inside the building. Outdoor space available. • 420 friendly inside and outside • Outside alcohol is...


Host says space is ADA friendly

Yes, we are ADA friendly!

Space privacy

Very private

Space cannot be seen from neighbors or household

Safety & Security

Security cameras

Security camera/recording device in sight of the home.

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1 adult