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Pasadena, California
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Pasadena, CaliforniaUS

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Welcome to the Hammond Space!
Please read this entire description to avoid any confusion.
This magical space is a natural light outdoor creative studio, perfect for photo and video shoots including: editorial, fashion, portrait, headshot, commercial, and product. Located in Pasadena, we are just outside of Los Angeles and a minute drive from the Rose Bowl. The wooden stage provides a unique rustic aesthetic that juxtaposes and emphasizes any subject.
The canvas backdrop is a textural, weathered off-white. If you'd like to bring your own backdrop, it can easily be swapped out. Please review our Instagram stories for better insight into the space and the range of creative ways people have used it. Feel free to ask questions via DM.
The gallery above shows a variety of seasons and states of the space throughout the year. The chairs shown have been used by hundreds of guests and are damaged or gone. Please plan to bring your own, otherwise don’t expect the props or chairs to be in the best condition. The grass and lighting changes depending on the season so check our Instagram "current" highlight for a view of the most recent state of the space.
(Currently, the entire west coast is in its worst drought in 1200 years and/or has faced a heat wave, Pasadena enforces strict drought water restrictions and they've only gotten more intense over the years. For this reason, the yard evolves and fluctuates naturally. The listing photos show sparse ground cover and the ground's state shifts through it's own seasonal states each year. During the year, the yard can either explode into a sea of green grass, dry foxtail, or completely dry dirt in the hottest seasons. No year is the same as our climate continues to change.)
(Unfortunately the older short-plank stage, which you'll see in many of the photos, became too brittle with age. I've since then rebuilt it with warm stained Brazilian Pine wood as shown in the first few photos! This wood also ages with day in day our dir…

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Photography Stage


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4x constant lighting


HammondEXT Password: 6509069597




Photographer for hire

Hire me to shoot for you! Check some of my work before (NSFW) (there’s nudity)

Hosted by Benjamin

Hosting since Oct 2023

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Creative Polymath, Camera Lover, Multidisciplinary Artist. Find me at @solsticesondesign or @soul.craft

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The driveway cannot be blocked in any scenario unless discussed prior. Also this is an outdoor booking only, going into the hou...

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Neighbors’ view is obstructed but space is still visible to household

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