Tiki Bar/Deck

Fort Myers, Florida
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Tiki Bar Deck hosted by

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Your host Francine will be home

50 guests allowed

All ages welcome • No pets

Restroom available

Private restroom available inside main home


Available for up to 10 cars

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Exact location after booking.

Fort Myers, FloridaUS

About the space

Tiki Bar and large deck available to rent for parties. Limit 50 people small parties. Great area for entertaining, eating, dancing. Must bring your own supplies and food. I have a small fridge for cold drinks. Sink available there. Birthdays, showers, even a small wedding. I have a separate pool area that is a separate rental.

This space is great for...


Friend hangouts


Photo shoots

Video shoots

What makes it special


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Enjoy paradise at the pool. Please bring your towels and water. no glass in pool area. no diving, jumping or running.
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All days
10 AM – 7 PM
One 3hr booking per day
Max 4 guests
Up to 80 hours for FREE

5.01 review



Very nice and kind host✅ me and my family enjoyed ourselves so much… Thank you Francine!

2 months ago

Hosted by Francine

Hosting since Oct 2023

1 review

Beautiful luxury private pool and deck for your fun, or relaxation, or for your next party. Great space for entertaining.

Things to know

House rules

No Smoking.

Follow these rules to be a considerate guest and avoid any issues during your visit.

Additional rules

Be responsible, keep yard clean, no drunks, if someone must smoke, must use ashtrays. Bring own supplies.

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