Edgewood, Maryland
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Your host Omar will be home

28 guests allowed

All ages welcome • No pets

No restroom available


Available for up to 8 cars

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Edgewood, MarylandUS

About the home

Relax in the outdoor pergolas with a cool drink, while watching a movie or listening to some music surrounded by Tiki lights and lush green grass, while enjoying the wood fire pit. Play basketball or choose to have fun on the punching bag. Get some exercise on the stationary bike and the pull up bars. Light the grill and have some finger licking barbecue or jerk. (Meal can be catered at an additional cost). Enjoy a game of playing Darts or Dominoes.



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1 adult

What makes it special

Tiki Torches

Use of tiki torches.

Outdoor TV

Outdoor TV with firestick

Two Pergolas

Use of covered square shaped pergola attached to an uncovered triangle shaped pergola.

Zero gravity chairs

Two zero gravity chairs.

Three Swings

Two swings and one swing chair.


Hammock with attachment mesh.

Outdoor Cool Bar Table

Dual purpose furniture to be used as wine and beer cooler, all weather ice bucket, cocktail coffee table with adjustable height.


Party tables

Four party table that can each seat six persons

Hosted by Omar

Hosting since Aug 2023

Verified Host

The owner of this property is originally from the Caribbean and is a proud father of two teen boys, who he loves spending time out…

Things to know

House rules

No Smoking.

Follow these rules to be a considerate guest and avoid any issues during your visit.

Additional rules

All functions and loud music will stop by 10:00pm Garbage cans will be provided for trash. All guest must clean up after use o...

Safety & Security

Security cameras

Security camera/recording device in sight of the home.


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1 adult