Newhall Zen Pool

Santa Clarita, California
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Outdoor Pool hosted by


Private check-in

Your host Sandra offers self check-in

5 guests allowed

All ages welcome • No pets

No restroom available

No Parking

No parking available on site

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Where you'll swim

Exact location after booking.

Santa Clarita, CaliforniaUS

About the pool

Welcome to our tranquil pool nestled in the heart of Newhall, Santa Clarita. Experience the perfect blend of relaxation and privacy as our pool emanates soothing zen vibes. Surrounded by lush greenery, it offers a serene escape from the bustling world, ensuring a quiet and calming retreat. Away from the public eye, you can enjoy the pool's refreshing waters in complete seclusion. With easy access and a user-friendly setup, your journey to relaxation is just a step away.

Shaded area
Great sunlight
Shallow area
Water slide


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1 adult

What makes it special


Hot Tub


Heated Pool




Fire Pit

Please bring your own wood!

Darts game set

Located on the tree! Comes with 5 darts


Hockey table




4.73 reviews



The host was absolutely amazing! The fire pit was great and the pool was a lot of fun to just relax in. We’re definitely coming ba…



My boys and I had a great time, pool was so delightful and refreshing on such hot day. Pool was clean, hot tub at a great temperat…



We had fun with our dog on her first pool experience. Pool is exactly as pictured. Gave 4 stars because the area wasn’t really cle…

Hosted by Sandra

Hosting since Aug 2023

Verified Host

3 reviews

Im renting a trailer for moving, or hauling for camping

Things to know

House rules

Additional rules

Please clean up after booking (don't leave any trash, glass, or bottles anywhere after booking) Recycle glass in trash bins ...


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1 adult