Lush Tropical Screened in Pool with Covered Patio

Orlando, Florida
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Pool hosted by

10 ft by 25 ft
3 ft to 6 ft deep
10 guests allowed

All ages welcome • No pets

No restroom available

Available for up to 4 cars

Cancel anytime!

Get a full refund if you cancel 2 hours before your booking.

Where you'll swim

Exact location after booking.

Orlando, FloridaUS

About the pool

Come relax in this urban oasis surrounded by beautiful foliage, protected from pests by a screen, and shaded and sunny floating spots. Floats, toys, and other items available for use. Come watch your kids from the covered patio and sip your beverage in the shade. Bring your own playlist and hookup to the outdoor speaker system via Bluetooth! If you need anything, knock on the door or text your host. Welcome to our pool!
Shaded area
Shallow area

This space is great for...

Friend hangouts

Photo shoots

Family gatherings

Video shoots



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1 adult

What makes it special


Wifi access provided. Instructions posted on site.


There is a stereo available to connect to via Bluetooth. Instructions provided onsite. Your cooperation in keeping the volume to a reasonable level is appreciated.

Pool Toys

Floats, swim rings, noodles, and other toys may be available

Covered Patio Seating

Couch, chairs, and stools available under the patio

Dining Table Under the Patio

Dining Table. Seats 6-8 depending on how much you want to squish. :)

Stair Railing

Railing to aid with entry and exit

Swim Out Shelf

The deep end has a swim out shelf to help children climb out. A great safety feature!


Passes allow you to pay a one-month fee in exchange for FREE bookings under the specified parameters. Learn more about Passes here
Anytime Pass
Valid for one month
All days
7 AM – 9 PM
Up to 2 hours
Up to 10 guests
Up to 55 hours for FREE
Early Bird Pass
Valid for one month
7 AM – 11 AM
Up to 2 hours
Up to 5 guests
Up to 40 hours for FREE
Weekday Pass
Valid for one month
All days (except Sun, Fri, Sat)
7 AM – 9 PM
Up to 2 hours
Up to 5 guests
Up to 30 hours for FREE

5.03 reviews


Repeat Guest
5Friend hangout

I'm glad i came back again ✨ Love this beautiful pool! 🧜‍♂️💙💕. I definitely will come back again and Again 😊

15 days ago


Repeat Guest

great pool!

1 month ago


Repeat Guest

Love it! The pool is really beautiful with the Tropical plants. And very peaceful ✨😊🌴🌿

1 month ago

Hosted by Susie

Hosting since Aug 2023

Verified Host

3 reviews

Lifelong swimmer and pool enjoyer, Susie takes her pool oasis seriously. Come enjoy a tropical escape 20 mins from Disney World a…

Things to know

House rules

No Smoking. No Parties.

Follow these rules to be a considerate guest and avoid any issues during your visit.

Additional rules

Swim at your own risk. If you would like to remove the vacuum from the pool, please disconnect the blue hose from the pool wal...

Safety & Security

Security cameras

Security camera/recording device in sight of the pool.

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1 adult