Huge Tropical Backyard

El Paso, Texas
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Check-in with host

Your host Estella will be home

100 guests allowed

All ages welcome • No pets

Restroom available

Dedicated restroom available by the pool


Available for up to 2 cars

Free cancellation!

Get a full refund if you cancel 1 day before your booking.

Where you'll swim

Exact location after booking.

El Paso, TexasUS

About the pool

Luxurious tropical Backyard sitting on an acre of land. The space has an olympic size pool. Patio area is great for relaxing and enjoying the views. There a restroom located in the backyard. This is the perfect space to host your next event.


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1 adult

5.02 reviews



We had an awesome time, Estella was great, she had the place sparkling clean we had nothing to worry about other than getting ther…

8 months ago



The experience we had at Estella’s was outstanding. She was extremely kind and considerate, and the pool and residence were very w…

1 year ago

Hosted by Estella

Hosting since Apr 2022

2 reviews

Hello! My home is a wonderful space to create memories with you family and friends

Things to know

House rules

No Smoking.

Follow these rules to be a considerate guest and avoid any issues during your visit.

Additional rules

NO GLASS BOTTLES ONLY CANNED DRINKS Please pick up after event and leave trash bags on the side of the house. PLEASE boo...

Space privacy

Very private

Space cannot be seen from neighbors or household

Safety & Security

Security cameras

Security camera/recording device in sight of the pool.

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1 adult