Huge extremely private

Redding, California
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Pool hosted by

16 ft by 50 ft
3 ft to 13 ft deep
50 guests allowed

Must be 12 or older • Pets welcome

Restroom available

Private restroom available inside main home


Available for up to 20 cars

Free cancellation!

Get a full refund if you cancel 7 days before your booking.

Where you'll swim

Exact location after booking.

Redding, CaliforniaUS

About the pool

You will love it. Super deep and 50ft long and just over 13ft deep and 3ft shallow
Great sunlight
Diving board
Shallow area

What makes it special

Hot Tub

Hot 6 person hot tub with tv


Sound bar and sub woofer

Hosted by Jordan

Hosting since May 2022

We absolutely love the water, we are big time swimmers and love the pool

Things to know

House rules

Additional rules

<div>We’re chill</div>

Space privacy

Very private

Space cannot be seen from neighbors or household

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