Keepin’ it cool by the pool (Heated)

Tracy, California
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Pool hosted by

13.6 ft by 32 ft
3.5 ft to 6 ft deep
Check-in with host

Your host Steve will be home

20 guests allowed

All ages welcome • No pets

Restroom available

Private restroom available inside main home


Available for up to 10 cars

Free cancellation!

Get a full refund if you cancel 1 day before your booking.

Where you'll swim

Exact location after booking.

Tracy, CaliforniaUS

About the pool

I am a family oriented household that love sharing our fantastic nicely Heated pool with others by giving you privacy to enjoy it! Complete with Lounge chairs, umbrellas, tables & outlet To play your favorite tunes while enjoying your swim under the nice water falls & lots fun pool toys that kids absolutely love!
Night lighting
Shaded area
Great sunlight
Kiddie pool

What makes it special

Heated Pool

Please inform host at Time of booking if you have any specific heating requirements (specific pool temperature and I will do my best to accommodate) I have an extremely high grade automatic pool cover (Not found in many pools) which besides keeping kids ultra safe, pool Extra clean, it also maintains heat and chemicals from evaporating and during summer on average pool temp is usually (Not Guaranteed) between 80 - 90 degrees but if you require it hotter, more desired temperatures Please inform Host at time of booking and i will do my best to accommodate (Not Guarantee) Pool heating to desire temperature depends on many factors like amount of notice given, outside weather conditions ETC….

Professionally Weekly cleaning 🧼

Pool is weekly professionally maintained for all the Chemical balancing ETC As well as Daily checked & cleaned/walls broom sweeped and pool net skimmed which takes about 1/2 hr after every use! To maintain the cleanliness as possible ! Pool is Newer and has high grade automatic pool cover that extremely helps with maintaining pool heat,cleaning and chemicals not found in many pools !!! Our Pool has ALL the newer extremely nice Technology with updated newer sanitation & Ionization system that keeps pool Xtra clean & sanitized WAY better than most! (this is Not a full guarantee) but we do work extremely hard to keep pool optimized for your enjoyment !


Water Falls

We have 3 beautiful water falls that require special operation by Host Only.


Deck jets

We have 2 Deck jets that requires special care and operating by HOST ONLY PLEASE! Deck jets requires pool pump to operate which is additional expense .

Electric outlet

We have outside standard Electrical outlet with extension cord so feel free to bring a radio,phone charger 🔌 or anything that might require power outlet (New home but still use at your own risks )

Pool Toys

We have a large variety of pool toys , pool basketball hoops and basketballs 🏀 floats and more !

Save monthly with Passes

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Select the Pass that works for you.
Early Bird Pass
My pool is usually lot warmer than most and is excellent choice for early morning swimming lessons or work out . Kids really love the warmer pools and great choice for lessons.
Valid for one month
All days (except Sun, Wed)
8 AM – 12 PM
One 2hr booking per day
Max 6 guests
1 free amenities
Up to 40 hours for FREE
Weekday Pass
Valid for one month
9 AM – 10 PM
One 2hr booking per day
Max 5 guests
1 free amenities
Up to 40 hours for FREE
Anytime Pass
Valid for one month
All days
9 AM – 10 PM
One 2hr booking per day
Max 10 guests
1 free amenities
Up to 55 hours for FREE

5.029 reviews


5Family hangout

The family and I had a great time we'll definitely be back!

3 days ago


Repeat Guest
5Family hangout

we always have a great time coming to this place 🏊🏼‍♂️

6 days ago


5Family hangout

By far the best pool we have visited in Tracy ! Water temperature was perfect for everyone. Lots of water toys provided as well! T…

27 days ago



The best pool we have rented locally. Temperature was perfect for introducing and teaching our kids how to swim. Plenty of space a…

1 month ago


Repeat Guest

Clean pool, warm water and a great host!

8 months ago



Steve was a great host! Wanted to make sure we were comfortable and had all the amenities we needed. Pool and surrounding area was…

9 months ago


Repeat Guest

Clean backyard and pool. Family is super friendly and helped make my daughters 18th birthday unforgettable.

9 months ago


Repeat Guest

This was our first visit and we had a great time . Water temperature was perfect . Steve was very friendly and a great host. Defin…

9 months ago


Repeat Guest

Still the best pool with the perfect temperature. Steve is always very accommodating and you can tell he maintains the pool with e…

9 months ago

Hosted by Steve

Hosting since May 2021

Verified Host

29 reviews

I am a family oriented host that enjoy sharing & hosting our pool to others.

Things to know

House rules

No Smoking. No Alcohol.

Follow these rules to be a considerate guest and avoid any issues during your visit.

Additional rules

As a family friendly home 🏡 we set up some additional rules: BY BOOKING THIS POOL YOU AGREE THAT POOL/HOME OWNER(S) WILL NOT B...

Safety & Security

Security cameras

Security camera/recording device in sight of the pool.

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