Chill Vibes

Moreno Valley, California
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Check-in with host

Your host Marissa will be home

30 guests allowed

All ages welcome • Pets welcome (not in pool)

Restroom available

Private restroom available inside main home


Available for up to 2 cars

Free cancellation!

Get a full refund if you cancel 1 day before your booking.

Where you'll swim

Exact location after booking.

Moreno Valley, CaliforniaUS

About the pool

Chill vibe’s only… Leave your sad times at door and enter the Zen of our backyard. The water fall offers a calming effect and the breeze up here is magical. There are walking trails near by for those wonderers. This is a beautiful community and I’m sure when you get here you’re not going to want to leave.
Shaded area
Great sunlight
Shallow area


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1 adult

What makes it special


Heated Pool

Don’t let a breeze stop your fun. You can enjoy a comfortable temperature at anytime day or night if you choose this amenity! Hot tube included!

Hot Tub

Under 17 requires supervision




Fire Pit


Enjoy the option of good old fashioned Charcoal or the convenience of a gas grill on the house!

Pool Toys

Pool toys are included however, there will be replacement fee if broken or damaged during your time at your home away from home.

Hosted by Marissa

Hosting since Sep 2022

Beautiful Oasis of Hidden Springs.

Things to know

House rules

Additional rules

Smoking is allowed but any left over butts will include a cleaning fee of $50. Any burns in furniture will also include a repla...

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1 adult